Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Buy

Hello Reader(s),

Are you guys freaking out yet? Oil is $70 a barrel. ROPEC is threatening to destroy the petrodollar. The world is coming to an end. I'm freaking out man! Sell all your oil stocks now, ASAP! 

In other news I went Black Friday Shopping this morning. I waited three hours in the freezing rain to buy 19 shares of Chevron at $109 with the sweet yield of 3.93%. This is my first position in Chevron. This purchase adds $81.32 in annual dividend. SP Capital IQ fair value is $121.00.

This was all my December money. No more investing this month (except for my flip). I still have $3,000 in reserve funds for market corrections.

Did you guys get any good deals? I still want that 60 inch TV at walmart for 300 bucks.

*Disclaimer. Why are you guys even looking at me for investing advice? Are you on drugs or something? I'm not a licensed broker or financial attorney or w.e.

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