Sunday, November 23, 2014


Hello Reader(s),

Is it that time to report a buy already? Time flies fast when you're old. One day you're at home studying for senior finals and the next you're in a dead end job. What? Oh right, mining.

I bought 39 shares of BBL (BHP Billiton PLC) for $52.00.

For those new to the block. BBL is a mining company (not for bitcoins you darn kids). They are located in Aussie land with secondary offering in London. They are currently low because of China slowing down but the dragon will rise again! S&P fair value is $59. BBL pays semiannually; March and September. They will "demerge" next year into two company with a one for one offering (so I heard).

My forward total dividend increased $96.72. 

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