Saturday, November 15, 2014

Hello Reader(s),

Remember when you were young (or still young)? Remember that question we all ask ourselves during our Doe Eyed stage? "Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?" Like all Doe Eyed young 20 something, I imagined my life to be special. I would be in a 40 hour a week high paying job (60k+) working overseas somewhere in Asia. Like all of us from birth to tombstone, I have no idea why I'm here or my role in life. For some odd reason, I believe working and traveling in Asia could answer a few questions.

So where am I now? I work 12 hours a day M-F, 10 hours on Saturday, and 8 hours on holiday (regular pay). I'm living in the Midwest and make on average 60k a year (40k base 20k OT) (my company loves to post our salary online....for some reason so talking about my pay is no big deal). I work in a normal unmarked building sitting in the seas of cubicles. Like most people, my work and employment wavers according to market demand. I could have a job today and be fired tomorrow.

After going through 2 bad years of unemployment, crappy job, and low paying job, I have finally found home with my current firm. As to date, I have $1,000 in the bank and a little bit of stocks in Scottrade. I have moved back home to my parents and love traveling 1 hour a day between two states for work.

So what is this blog about? It's my personal journey to reclaim that Doe Eyed Dream. Working in high paying job in Asia and maybe finding myself somewhere in the process. Most of you guys/gals are probably asking, why don't you just apply for a job over there? Simple, I'm a coward. I hate taking large risk and I have family obligations in the US. How am I going to achieve my plans? Dividend Investing. Yes, this is another dividend investing blog. I'm using this blog as a way to record my process (buy&sell). I'm a long term investor (20-30 years) kind of person. I will invest at max 2k a month. Some will be less and some will be more. I'll include some investing ideas as I go along. I know my one reader will appreciate my rambling nonsense. Will I achieve my goals or fall and burn? Won't you come and join my journey and laugh at me when I crash and burn. 

For those interested, my first stock analysis article is a comparison between CORR and HASI. Two overlooked high quality REITS in the energy sector. I call it Turtle vs Grass. Or beauty and the Beast. *title still pending.

*note. I am not a professional investor/adviser, tax attorney, or anybody you should trust for investing. Invest at your own risk. If you follow my guidance, you must be insane.

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