Saturday, December 27, 2014


I hope you had a great Christmas. These are my goals for 2015.

Investing Goals 

1) Have a 12 month annual expected dividend of $1,500.

2) Receive $1,000 in dividends. 

3) Create a sharebuilder Motif Loyal 3 account and invest regularly in defensive stock. I'm waiting for next year to avoid having a 1099 with 5 days left in the year. So far I'm thinking of buying K, GIS, UL, Krft, KO, PEP, DPS, Intel, starbucks, and yum. $100 each to start out and we'll see how it goes from there. I'm always open to ideas.

4) 40k in net worth.

Employment Goals 

1) Get promoted to XXX II. I am XXX I. There are over 1000 XXX I at my work place and only 10 are promoted each year to XXX II every year. So I have 1% to get the job.

2) Make for the first time in my life $100,000 annual income before taxes. After taxes that's $20k! Work 140 hours every 2 week pay period and hammer 8 hours every holidays. (note: I will probably not achieve this goal).

3) Take on 4 new projects. 

4) Telework!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Physical Goals 

1) Lose 20 pounds. My sister bought a Wii Fit U this Christmas. I tried it and it told me I was Obese. My body's age was 44 (note I'm 26). My goal is to work out on the Wii U every day 30 minutes-1 hour and lose them pounds. For those wondering, I hate running on treadmills and I have problems with anxiety is a horrible thing.  

Education Goals 

1) Learn some IT skills. My work place is willing to pay for a software testing certificate from Villanova. I might just go for it.

Other Goals

1) Build a patio. I might take a picture once I'm finished....if I ever learn how to use the camera on my phone.

2) Take a vacation or staycation (by law, contractors for the federal government have to take X amount of vacation every 2 years to avoid NLRB issues).

3) Landscape my parent's house. By landscape I mean plant some trees (Christmas trees) and open up the flower garden to become a mini garden.

4) Write a few posts on how to get more bang for your buck (saving). 

4) Grill more!

I will probably not meet most of these goals but it's always good to have goals you can't achieve. 

Also I had a Turkey viewer yesterday. Hi Turkey.

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