Monday, May 11, 2015


On May 11, 2015, I added 15 shares of WPC at $63.99/share for a total of 966.85 into my ROTH IRA. My Roth IRA is now maxed out for 2015. This purchase increased by forward 12 month dividend by $57.15.

If you haven't please read Dividend Mantra's analysis.

Below are some fun pictures I found researching WPC (all stolen from Seeking Alpha of course).

I am currently satisfied with my reit positions and won't be adding anymore soon. 
  1. WPC--international reit
  2. OHI--healthcare reit  
  3. LTC--healthcare reit
  4. CORR--specialty/gas utility leasing reit
  5. HASI--specialty/renewable energy utility leasing reit   
Unless of course the feds increase interest rates...I'll be hoarding O like bad sweaters after Christmas.

My forward 12 month dividend current stands somewhere between $1823.04-$1847.04. (those mutual funds are ruining my estimate).

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