Monday, June 22, 2015

Mini Buy: Ventas

I bought 10 shares of Ventas this morning at 65.17/share for a total of $658.70. This is my initial position with VTR and will be looking to buy more as the market goes down. I wish I had more cash but my employer has been cutting overtime. 

My healthcare reit portfolio currently composes of 

Large Cap: VTR
Medium Cap: OHI
Small Cap: LTC 

My forward 12 month annual dividend currently stands at $1630.78 + FCISX distribution. To put this into perspective. My annual dividend is equal to 1 of my paycheck after tax.


  1. I just initiated a position in VTR as well....and coincidentally - at the same price $65.17 :)

    My other exposure is OHI (dont own LTC though).