Tuesday, August 11, 2015

SELL: BAX and BXLT; Buy: JNJ and ADM

On August 11, 2015, 

I sold

  1. 52 shares of BAX at 41.9
  2. 52 shares of BXLT at 38.66

I bought 
  1. 21 shares of JNJ at $99.00/share
  2. 45 shares of ADM at $45.90/share

  1. I thought I could handle it but I am not a capital gains investor. I don't know when a stock reaches its high and when it becomes a falling knife. 
  2. There is nothing wrong with BAX and BXLT. In fact I would have kept them if my portfolio was more advanced (100k-200k). For me BAX and BXLT are capital gains stock and my stomach and mind can't handle it. I think I finally understand the term sleep well at night. 
I also made a bunch of minibuys in loyal3. I just updated my portfolio. My forward 12 months is currently at $1,830.90. 


  1. Good job with JNJ and ADM from your sale of BAX and BXLT. I agree with you that it's difficult to invest for capital gains.
    Thanks for sharing your trades.

    1. hi DS, I agree capital gains are hard. I would think dividends are harder since we're getting smaller amounts but something about capital gains just rub me wrong. thanks for visiting