Thursday, October 15, 2015

Recent Buy: $1083 of WMT

Blood on the street. People running and screaming for shelter and the largest drop of WMT in a decade. Just another day on the market.

Buy 1

On October 14, 2015, I bought 16 shares of WMT at $61.00 per share in my Scottrade account. Total cost/fee: $983. This buy adds $31.36 to my dividend fund. 

Buy 2

On October 15, 2015, I bought the following in my Loyal3 Account.

$100 WMT
$10 KO
$10 PEP
$10 KHC
$10 DIS
$10 AAPL
$10 K
$10 UL
$10 SBUX
$10 HSY
$10 DPS

Wish I had held out for cheaper prices but I don't mind buying WMT at $61. I'll continue hoarding WMT until it reaches $63 which is my quick calculated fair value using the updated earnings and profits.

We buy stocks because they thrive during good times. EMR, CAT, DE, etc. We often neglect stocks that makes its stride during bad times; Dollar tree, Walmart, and Dollar General. While people freak out during the next recession/depression, I'll be sitting in my home collecting WMT dividends.

Seriously though. I wish dollar tree paid dividends. I basically lived off that store during college. 3 cups of noodles for a buck. frozen veggies combo pack + turkey "steaks" for Thanksgiving and tiramisu for when I finish finals. Everything for a freaking dollar and it taste exactly the same as name brands!

My forward dividends stand at $2096.65 + FCISX distributions. $4 more dollars till $2100 and I'm stilling waiting for the CORR and T dividend increase!


  1. I saw the drop in WMT and wished I had some available capital. There's been two big drops by some dividend growers over the last couple weeks, YUM saw a 10%+ drop due to slow China sales recovery while also announcing another 10%+ dividend increase. Oh well, you make money buying the companies that are unwanted for short term issues.

    1. Ha, the gif didn't load at first. That truly had me LOL'ing.

    2. don't worry JC. WMT is not going up for a while. Just one day alone SA had 10 articles on why WMT is a bad choice. I give WMT 1-2 more weeks of sell off. That's why I love Loyal3. Those $10 adds up. thanks for visiting

  2. Here's a loaded question. If you've modeled fair value of $63, why are you comfortable buying at fair value? Wouldn't you feel more comfortable buying at a significant discount to fair value?

    1. hey daniel. No problem. Once upon a time i tried timing the market. Buy at the lowest discount possible but i could never determine the lowest price and eventually miss out on great opportunities; Cracker Barrel at $100 JNJ at 90 PG at 70, etc. I always thought just a little lower but i eventually missed the opportunity. I eventually learned that buying at fair value or close to fair value and holding on to it for 20 years is the best choice. If WMT falls I'll continue buying.