Friday, November 20, 2015

Recent Buy: WMT & VFC

Market is going up again. Amazon is trading at 900x PE, Peter Schiff thinks the market is overvalued, and daily hit piece by yahoo calling for an epic crash in December. In other news ....

On November 20, 2015, I added $250 at $61.02 per share or 4.0970 shares of WMT and $250 or 3.900 at 64.09 per share of VF Corp. This is my initial position in VF Corp. I also added VF Corp to my $10 bear strategy*. Both buys were added in my Loyal3 account so no fee was added.

I have seen VF Corp numerous of time but only recently have I researched them. Since I'm too lazy here is an article from JC at Passive Income Pursuit on Seeking Alpha.

*Not sure if I mentioned this before but I have two separate accounts. Scottrade is for my riskier trades (oil, commodities, reits, etc) and Loyal3 for my safer investments. On the 15th of every month I invest $10 into APPL, KO, DIS, DPS, PEP, HSY, K, KHC, SBUX, UL, WMT, and now VFC no matter the price. This makes sure a good portion of my portfolio is invested in consumer staples, technology, and consumer discretionary. Some people call me crazy but $120 is small compared to some of you bloggers putting in 5k a month.   

My dividend fund currently stands at $2,241.20. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving. 


  1. I really like the VFC buy a lot. Been a while since I added to that name but it is one of my top performers among all the stocks I currently hold. I know they had a pretty bad recent quarterly report and the stock fell quite a bit. This is a solid "fashion staple" and not like ANF or AEO that are more tied to trends.

    1. hi DH. I agree with you on VFC. It's not the hot trend of the day but it's the steady eddie which I favor when I'm looking for dividends. If I can raise some capital I would like to make this into a full position. Thanks for visiting