Friday, January 22, 2016

Recent Buy: SO

On January 22, 2016, I bought 22 shares of the Southern Company at $46.70 per share for a total of $1034.40. As you may know originally I had plans to buy JNJ, UL, and PG all of which failed. So now I'm switching back to my old plan of hunting for yield from good old reliable utilities. This will increase my forward annual dividends by $47.74. 

Thus my dividend fund stands at  $2,238.42 + FCISX + SCHD distribution. 

One more good buy and a couple of flips and I will have 100 shares which will give me a full position. At which point I won't buy anymore unless there is a huge discount (5% yield).  


  1. I know many in the DGI community do not like utilities but I think there is a space for them in any long term portfolio. I currently hold ED, SO and D. It's been a long time since I added to those names but I'll continue to hold each for the foreseeable future. Nice pick up. There's some great yield in other dividend stalwarts these days like EMR and CAT. Cyclical, yes, but good long term dividend payers and raisers.

    1. hi DH, I view utilities as the bread and butter of a good portfolio. Thick and thin people will always need electricity and water. Too bad it took me this long to realize it. Thanks for visiting

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