Thursday, February 25, 2016

Recent Buy: More Flowers Foods

On February 25, 2016, I bought 60 shares of FLO at $16.99 per share for a total of $1026.40. I averaged up but this is still a good price at 19x P/E (regular 20x). My portfolio is now 59..47% in the defensive sector. I am still working to push this up to 75%. The money came from my tax return. 

Forward income is $2,343.41 + FCISX + SCHD distributions. 


  1. Most people would just spend that tax money on this or that, it's good to see you put the tax money to work. I just did my taxes and I may spend a bit of it but I think I'll put a good chunk of it to work as well for my next purchase!

  2. hey captain. I hear you I really wanted to pick up some high quality fishing rods but with FLO being this cheap I had no other choice. Oh well, maybe I'll pick up a cheap one at walmart instead of Bass pro shop.

  3. Nothing wrong with averaging up. After all, when doing that you are, in theory, adding to a winner. Nice pick up. Thanks for sharing.

    1. hey DH, I know i need to wait for the best prices but I feel anxious with cash on hand. The "i hope they don't leave without me syndrome". I really need to work on that. thanks for visiting