Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Buy: Starbucks

I've recently been delivering goods part-time to make up for my loss of overtime. After working for one Month I saved $1000 which I...

On April 26, 2016, I bought 17.2295 shares of Starbucks at $58.04 per share for a total of $1000.00.


  • My part-time job is delivering coffee to starbucks shops.
  • Crazy amount of people waiting in line 
  • And last quarter's meeting future goals
    • 20% ordering from mobile + expansion of more mobile order cities
    • 2000 stores in China
    • Starbucks in Disneyland China
    • Starbucks single serve for NesCafe
    • And...Visa debit card with rewards...stars for free coffee at starbucks (this is huge).

SBUX is not cheap by any measurements but with it's future growth plans and crazy hoard of followers I think this could become something special. Too bad I didn't buy more at $50.00.

This brings my forward 12 months to 2972.58+ SCHD distributions.


  1. Thanks for sharing BDI. Awesome company. Everyone's addicted to coffee. It's not going anywhere and we'll be drinking this forever. Good space to be in. Keep it up bud.

    1. hey DH. thanks for the comment. I'm with you. Wish i had bought it at $50 but ce la vie

  2. You really can't go wrong with SBUX. I'm surprised that shares have been falling as people are too caught up in the wrong numbers. Yes- their growth is slowing but that's temporary as they will reach a peak of store openings and then it will simply be paying off debts, buying back shares, and stacking up the profits. Nice buy!


    1. hey reaper, not only that but SBUX is in half of all MCD countries. SBUX has a lot more growing to do. thanks for the comment