Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recent Buy: Omega Healthcare Investors

Been about a month since I did this.

On April 12, 2016, I bought 29 shares of Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) at $35.00/share for a total (with cost) of $1,022.00. Wish I bought this at $28 a share but tax season...

This will increase my dividends by $66.12. 

  • This buy gives me a total of 115 shares of OHI. I consider this a "full position" and will not add more shares unless a major discount occurs. 
  • Brad Thomas latest article A 'Sleep Well At Night' REIT You Can Buy Today
  • I just wanted a high yield relatively safe stock. My dividend growth has been a bit slow this year.

  • OHI now brings in 10% of my dividends. I will buy other things to lower the total yield 
  • real estate-interest rates. Economic downturn. The normal fear of any other real estate company

  • Thompson Reuters
    • Positive (9)
      • Low: $24
      • Mean: $33.4
      • High: $40
  • Zacks
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  • Yahoo finance
    • 1 yr est: 33.44
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My forward dividend total stands at $2497.13 + FCISX + SCHD dividend distributions. $1000 more until I reach my 2016 Goal.


  1. Thanks for sharing this recent buy. OHI is probably the next health REIT I would buy but just not yet. I own the big three plus the CCP spin off from VTR. For now that's enough especially after the HCP weak earnings which dragged down the whole sector a while back. Things have rebounded quite a bit from those lows. I'll be watching and waiting.

    1. hi DH, I would love to own some more VTR. I'm with you I would love for HCP to drag down the entire market. To me this buy was to finally finish this position. My first goal is to build all my positions to 100 shares, then we play the balance game. thanks for visiting.