Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Recent Buy: More Medtronics (MDT)

On Dec 21, 2016, I bought another 50 shares of Medtronics (MDT) at $71.50. This gives me 100 shares total. This is an increase of $76 a year going forward. This makes my forward total income at $1,640.97.

I would love to top off UL if it can get back below $40. Am I crazy at buying near 20k top? you betcha. Remember when we hit 10K and it was a huge deal?

Merry Christmas/whatever you believe in and a Happy New Year or early Lunar New Year.

And if you don't celebrate any holiday go and enjoy some chinese turkey. 😁


  1. I've seen warnings of not buying at the market top for many years now... The saddest was a comment from someone saying she needs to get back to investing after she got scared out of all investing activity in the 2008 market drop. Oh boy!

    1. DG my favorite one was Bill Gross in 2009. All those who listen to his advice lost to inflation. I have an old strategy. Never trust those who won't put up their own money