Monday, December 12, 2016

Recent Buy: More Unilever

On December 12, 2016, I bought 25.1699 shares of Unilever (UL) at $39.73 per share for a total of $1000 in my Loyal3 Account. This increased by forward dividends by ~$30 (due to forex).

With the strong dollar and weak pound/euro, this would seem like a horrible investment. Sure I'm getting 3.5% but after forex it's lower due to the strong dollar. However, like all currencies the dollar can only be strong for so long. At some point someone will short the dollar or it will naturally swing the other way to undervalued. Until it swings I'll happily wait and hoard more UL. I am currently at 151 shares. My goal is to own 300 shares at below $40 cost basis with a 3.5% yield and catalyst for price growth. NSRGY is looking interesting as well.

Also does anyone have any information on AQN? I'm trying to research this thing but I would like some experts to chime in on this gem. 

My forward dividend stands at ~1377.64-1407.33 depending on UL distribution $0.35 vs $0.301.


  1. I currently have 127 shares of UL and I would like more. I just bought a car so I don't have any money to invest for a bit.

    1. hey ND chic, you should try loyal3 if you haven't yet. I made $10 buys every week. What's $10? Me bringing two lunches a week instead of going out?