Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Buy: Starbucks

I've recently been delivering goods part-time to make up for my loss of overtime. After working for one Month I saved $1000 which I...

On April 26, 2016, I bought 17.2295 shares of Starbucks at $58.04 per share for a total of $1000.00.


  • My part-time job is delivering coffee to starbucks shops.
  • Crazy amount of people waiting in line 
  • And last quarter's meeting future goals
    • 20% ordering from mobile + expansion of more mobile order cities
    • 2000 stores in China
    • Starbucks in Disneyland China
    • Starbucks single serve for NesCafe
    • And...Visa debit card with rewards...stars for free coffee at starbucks (this is huge).

SBUX is not cheap by any measurements but with it's future growth plans and crazy hoard of followers I think this could become something special. Too bad I didn't buy more at $50.00.

This brings my forward 12 months to 2972.58+ SCHD distributions.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recent Buy: Omega Healthcare Investors

Been about a month since I did this.

On April 12, 2016, I bought 29 shares of Omega Healthcare Investors (OHI) at $35.00/share for a total (with cost) of $1,022.00. Wish I bought this at $28 a share but tax season...

This will increase my dividends by $66.12. 

  • This buy gives me a total of 115 shares of OHI. I consider this a "full position" and will not add more shares unless a major discount occurs. 
  • Brad Thomas latest article A 'Sleep Well At Night' REIT You Can Buy Today
  • I just wanted a high yield relatively safe stock. My dividend growth has been a bit slow this year.

  • OHI now brings in 10% of my dividends. I will buy other things to lower the total yield 
  • real estate-interest rates. Economic downturn. The normal fear of any other real estate company

  • Thompson Reuters
    • Positive (9)
      • Low: $24
      • Mean: $33.4
      • High: $40
  • Zacks
    • (2) Buy
  • Yahoo finance
    • 1 yr est: 33.44
  • Fast Graphs

My forward dividend total stands at $2497.13 + FCISX + SCHD dividend distributions. $1000 more until I reach my 2016 Goal.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Where the hell am I?

Seriously, where the hell am I? 

I don't know what happened. I left work today at 6:00 and drove home. Instead of taking exit 63, I kept on driving. I don't know why but my hands refused to turn right. I kept going and going and going and now I'm lost. My cell phone died and I don't have access to google map. All I have left is this laptop and its charger. 

Eventually I ran out of gas and refilled at a 7/11. I don't know what time but it was dark outside. I'm stopping at some random motel 8 for the night. The receptionist told me I was somewhere between the University of Kansas and Kansas City...which is odd since I live in Nebraska... 

But oddly I'm not afraid. I have never been one to take risks (investing is the most dangerous thing I've ever done in my life) but here I am typing this blog in some motel 8 in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. I guess I had one of those "spiritual awakening" I've heard so much about. Something about driving by yourself with no cars next to you, no life nagging at you, and no negativity of modern life is so soothing. Just you, your car, the open road, and nature. It's strange how we destroy nature to build modern life which only results in more stress and hatred towards each other.  

Life becomes a lot more peaceful when the daily negativity of society subsides and money/wealth/social status all disappears. This is just something I wanted to post. Apparently if I drive the same road but in the opposite direction I'll return to Nebraska. 

I couldn't take a picture of the open road...since I was driving...and my phone was dead...but I found a picture of what I saw via google image. I got a good three hour drive to get back to Nebraska tomorrow. 

That's all for me. If you don't see another post from me then I'm probably dead. Eaten alive by Kansans. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

March Review: 100k reached!

What a horrible month. The market rallied and all my limit buy orders were destroyed. Good news is I broke 100K.



Cash flow and losses 

Capital One 360 Bank$5,253.35
Scottrade Tax$48,207.25
Scottrade ROTH$1,990.42
Edward Jones Roth$8,156.61
Interest and Online$8.74
Gas Bill$87.11
Electric bill$146.74
Water Bill$155.26
Discretionary $224.84
Car payment$435.45
Total Saved$3,250.21
% saved74.69%

  • Took me three years but I finally hit 100K. At the rate I'm going in 27 years I'll hit one million.

April possible buys: 

  • FLO:  below $17.00. Preferably $16.5. Someone bought a huge amount of puts this morning for April and the stock crashed 3,5%.
  • SO:  at 4.5% if possible. One more buy and that will bring SO to 100 shares.
  • HASI: Flip 7 more shares to reach 100.
  • BGS: if it crashes back down to  $33.50
  • OHI: one more buy to make 100. 

Trying something new to become a more interesting person goal:

This was a hectic month so I tried something small. Since I added Flowers Foods to my portfolio I decided to try some Dave's Killer Bread. I have never tasted non-GMO organic bread before. Picked up a couple of loaves at my local Costco. Not bad at all. Good texture and it doesn't have that bleach taste on normal wheat bread. 

that does it for me. Happy late Easter!