Tuesday, June 28, 2016

RIP Lucky

This has nothing to do with investing but I wanted to remember this date for the rest of my life. On Monday, June 27, 2016, I put down my dog, Lucky. 

He was a 13 and a half year old yellow lab. On November of 2015, it was discovered that he had cancer in his colon and was throwing up everything he ate. His colon was removed and he looked back to normal for December and January. In February he stopped eating or was eating very little. I took him back to the doctor and was told it was the cancer after effect. Just keep feeding him. All test came back negative.

From February til yesterday he started deteriorating. He literally became skin and bone. When he walked his front legs would walk forward but his hind legs would sway causing him to fall. He couldn't bend down to eat but basically laid on the flood while sweeping his head back and forth catching anything in his way. I had to feed him to make sure he didn't starve or die of thirst. It was the saddest thing I've ever seen. 

It was so painful to see him fall constantly. His bones cracked whenever he walked. His days composed of sleeping next to the AC, sweeping his head to eat, and being helped walk to go to the restroom.

So here's to you Lucky. I hope i gave you a good life, gave you plenty of good food, and i hope you enjoyed digging up all my plants and pooping on the entire backyard. 

My biggest regrets are not being rich enough to buy that farm I promised you. 5 acres all the property you can run on and chase whatever you wanted. all the trees you can chew on. I also regret working so much that I neglected spending more time with you. I always bought you treats and pet you/hug you whenever i had the chance but so much could have been done. I wish I had more pictures of you. The only pictures I have are when you went to the doctor. You probably hate me. the only time i took you places was the vet.

I hope the last meals of steak, fried chicken, and beer was to your satisfactions.

Maybe we'll see each other in our next lives. According to Buddhists the dog is the last stage of becoming human. Maybe I'll be the dog and you'll be my master. 

Don't worry Lucky. You're my first and probably last dog. Go to the light, don't worry about us, and we'll see each other again.

I've never noticed how empty a house is without a dog or the sense of protection you get with someone watching your back 24/7.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

How I pick what stocks to buy and hold forever (probably)

I've been reading a lot of articles on Seeking Alpha on finding the next hot thing. Things like consumer reports, sector experts, hedge fund managers, etc. All pointless in my opinion. Here is my simple way of finding what stock to buy.

As many of you know I work a variety of random part-time jobs. I've been a stocker for walmart, a ringer for salvation army, a truck driver for foods/restaurants, an Uber driver, a private security guard, garbage collector (never again), etc. Here are my observations from working at Walmart.

1. Go to Walmart and look for what is empty.

Being a stocker is extremely demanding. If a product is down to its last 10 you have to immediately stock up. In a four-hour shift I might have to restock the same item 3-5 times. Once I had to restock the same item 10 times in a 4-hour period. Remember each "restock" consists of 50 five-pound cans per trip. Here are my observations.

A. On the first of the month baby formula is wiped out. (ABT) (MJN)

On the last week of every month my Walmart receives a huge shipment of baby formula. On the first week of each month our supply of baby formula is completely wiped out. This is not a joke about welfare. This actually happens each month. 

At my walmart our best seller is Enfamil by Mead Johnson (MJN). Our second best is Simlac by Abbott Labs (ABT). 

B. On the first of the month elder care nutritional supplement is wiped out. (ABT) 

For some reason our elder care supplements are wiped out on the first week of every month. Is social security paid out on the first of every month? Our best seller is Ensure by Abbott Labs (ABT). 

C. Diapers are wiped out on a weekly basis. (PG) (KMB).

If you have cash and nothing good is on sell buy diapers. Just how much do kids cost? At my Walmart diapers take up an entire aisle...and the entire aisle is wiped out every three days. 

Our best seller are the Luvs super absorbent disposables for $15.97. Luvs is manufactured by Procter and Gamble (PG). Our second best is the Huggies Little Snugglers at $17.97. Huggies is manufactured by Kimberly Clark (KMB). 

D. Tampons never get old. (WMT) (PG) (KMB)

Tampons. Freaking tampons. Do you know how embarrassing it is to restock tampons when there's a bunch of women waiting around? And then restock it because the moment you leave it's gone? Freaking tampons. 

Our best seller is the equate tampons for $4.97. Equate is manufactured by Walmart (WMT). Our second best seller is Tampax pearl which goes for $6.97-9.27. Tampax is produced by Proctor and Gamble (PG). Our third best seller is the U by Kotex (which is a maxipad) which goes for $6.98. Kotex is produced by Kimberly-Clark (KMB).     

I'll write more about my observations as I collect them. I am starting night shift next month which gives me more time to collect data. Maybe I'll write about the "starbucks trend" next week. Until then Happy Brexit!

Disclaimer: Don't follow my advice.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Recent Buy: Abbott

Well my brexit plan failed miserably. It was nice for a bremain spokeswoman to be killed a week before the vote by a brexit radical to swing the polls to bremain. Ok enough of my conspiracy theories.

On June 20, 2016, I bought 40 shares of Abbott at $37.90/per share for a total of $1522.70. I am adding more to my healthcare sector given the weakness of many dividend champions. This will increase by dividends by $41.60 for a total of $3190.75. Portfolio updated.

I am gathering my money together. My next buy might be CAH. Not sure when I'll buy but CAH is a great long term stock that is trading above its average dividend yield.

you know the disclaimer. don't follow my advice

Friday, June 10, 2016

Brexit Watchlist. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

Apparently there's this thing called the Brexit happening on June 23, 2016. Something about England trying to leave the EU, I don't know all the details. The English Brexit party is leading in some polls and people are freaking out. The only thing we can do is pray that England leaves the EU, cause a huge market crisis, and pick stuff up. I never let a good crisis go to waste. 

So let's look at some quality UK stocks. All of these stocks pay in pounds or euros which are converted to US dollars. I am using scottrade and yahoo finance for my values.

Unilever (UL): Pays 4x a year

Unilever PLC operates in the fast-moving consumer goods market in the Africa, Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East. The company operates through Personal Care, Foods, Refreshment, and Home Care segments.

Current price: 46.93
Current PE: 24.48
Current yield: 3.13

Yahoo 1 year est: $48.00
S&P fair value: NA
S&P 1 year est: $46.00

My target Price: $35-40.00

Diageo (DEO): pays 2x a year, 27 years of dividend growth

Diageo plc produces, markets, and sells alcoholic beverages worldwide. It offers scotch and Irish whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, beer and spirits, Irish cream liqueurs, wine, Raki, tequila, Canadian and American whiskey, Cachaça, and brandy, as well as adult beverages and ready to drink products.

Current price: 109.81

Current PE: 19.09
Current Yield: 2.32%

Yahoo 1 year est: 121.38

S&P fair value: $97.70
S&P 1 year est: $110.00

My target price: $90-100.00

National Grid (NGG)-Pays 2x a year, 24 years of dividend growth

National Grid plc transmits and distributes electricity and natural gas. It operates through four segments: UK Electricity Transmission, UK Gas Transmission, UK Gas Distribution, and US Regulated. The UK Electricity Transmission segment owns and operates electricity transmission networks in in England and Wales. It operates electric transmission system of approximately 7,200 kilometers of overhead lines; 1,500 kilometers of underground cables; and 338 substations. The UK Gas Transmission segment owns and operates gas transmission networks in Great Britain.

Current Price: 72.23

Current PE:  14.36
Current Yield: 4.44%

Yahoo 1 year est: $77.46

S&P fair value: $67.80 
S&P 1 year est: $68.00

My target price: $63.60 for the 5% yield 

Smith and Nephew-Pays 2x a year

Smith & Nephew plc develops, manufactures, markets, and sells medical technology products and services worldwide. The company offers sports medicine joint repair products for surgeons, including an array of instruments, technologies, and implants necessary to perform minimally invasive surgery of the joints; and arthroscopy enabling technologies for healthcare providers, such as fluid management equipment for surgical access, high definition cameras, digital image capture, scopes, light sources, and monitors to assist with visualization inside the joints, radio frequency wands, electromechanical and mechanical blades, and hand instruments for removing damaged tissue.

Current price: 33.13
Current PE: 36.33
Current yield: 2.19%

Yahoo 1 year est: $41.17
S&P fair value: $34.70
S&P 1 year est: $37

My price target: $25.00. I need a deep discount 

My buy list is as follows; UL, DEO, and NGG. Maybe SNN.

These are my opinions. Don't follow them. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

May Review

Another month down...I got nothing.




Capital One 360 Bank
Scottrade Tax
Scottrade ROTH
Edward Jones Roth

Interest and Online

Gas Bill
Electric bill
Water Bill
Car payment
3 cars insurance

Total Saved
% saved

2016 Dividend goals

YoY Dividends

Forward dividends stand at 3128.97. Portfolio updated.