Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Recent Buy: KO

I made $1,065.00 doing side jobs in 2016 and it has been sitting in my 1% savings account for a while now.

On January 25, 2017, I bought 25.2790 shares of Coca Cola (KO) at $42.13/share in my loyal3 account which gives me a total of 100.516 shares of KO or 1/3 of a full position. This brings my forward dividends to $2,411.95.

Life is too short. Go out there and enjoy the world! 😄

Portfolio updated. Anyone know how I can link my google docs to update my portfolio automatically? 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Recent Buy: 1 Motif

On January 20, 2017, I bought 1 motif (29 stocks+ 1 etf) for a total of $2,861.50. This is my set it and forget portfolio. Meaning I can basically review it once or twice a year and not be concerned of whether it is about to go out of business. Note that many of the stocks like KO, PEP, WMT, are not on this list because they are on loyal3 and free to trade.

I will type up how I plan to handle a 3 brokerage portfolio this weekend. Until then Happy Friday. 

According to Motif my total portfolio is in the lowest volatility range, pays 3.1% dividend, and has a PE of 21x which is great considering these are the tried and true stocks. 

Forward income increased to $2123.06. 

NameSymbolSegmentWeightShares Owned
Procter & Gamble Company (The)PGConsumer Goods3.42%1.12
Philip Morris International Inc.PMConsumer Goods3.36%1.01
Church & Dwight Co. Inc.CHDConsumer Goods3.36%2.11
Clorox Company (The)CLXConsumer Goods3.35%0.79
Colgate-Palmolive CompanyCLConsumer Goods3.34%1.41
Altria Group Inc.MOConsumer Goods3.34%1.36
Kimberly-Clark CorporationKMBConsumer Goods3.33%0.82
General Mills Inc.GISConsumer Goods3.33%1.53
McCormick & Company IncorporatedMKCConsumer Goods3.33%1.02
Hormel Foods CorporationHRLConsumer Goods3.33%2.62
Archer-Daniels-Midland CompanyADMConsumer Goods3.32%2.13
J.M. Smucker Company (The)SJMConsumer Goods3.32%0.71
Diageo plcDEOConsumer Goods3.31%0.88
LTC Properties Inc.LTCFinancial3.37%2.03
Ventas Inc.VTRFinancial3.37%1.55
Realty Income CorporationOFinancial3.35%1.6
Stag Industrial Inc.STAGFinancial3.35%3.96
AFLAC IncorporatedAFLFinancial3.33%1.36
PowerShares S&P 500 High Dividend PortfolioSPHDFinancial3.33%2.4
D/B/A Chubb LimitedCBFinancial3.31%0.72
Illinois Tool Works Inc.ITWIndustrial Goods3.34%0.77
Emerson Electric CompanyEMRIndustrial Goods3.33%1.62
3M CompanyMMMIndustrial Goods3.32%0.53
Southern Company (The)SOUtilities3.32%1.93
NextEra Energy Inc.NEEUtilities3.30%0.79
Aqua America Inc.WTRUtilities3.29%3.17
Johnson & JohnsonJNJHealthcare3.34%0.83
Amgen Inc.AMGNHealthcare3.30%0.61
Air Products and Chemicals Inc.APDBasic Materials3.33%0.65
Cardinal Health Inc.CAHServices3.30%1.25

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Second Buy of 2017: PG and GPK

On January 11, 2016, I bought 30 shares of PG at $83.30 per share. I also bought 100 shares of GPK at $13.20 per share. Total cost $3833.00 or one and a half month of my pay gone in 10 minutes. I also have an open order for GIS at $60.50, but it doesn't look like it'll get there. Let's hope these investments do better than my TEVA. TEVA has a large cash flow (6 billion), but a lot of debt. I think it'll be fine eventually with the new trumpcare coming in and the always increasing demand for more generic drugs + their generic viagra is coming out this year and the epipen is always waiting in the wing.

There's been a lot of talk about outsourcing my job and management is carrying around a list of everything you've done wrong since the beginning of time. Guess it's time to hoard OT and find another job. Life of a worker-slave. I also submitted my first seeking alpha article this week. Hopes it goes through!

Forward dividends stand at $2012.55. I might go back in if trump keeps bashing the healthcare companies. Come on $100 JNJ. Portfolio updated.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First buy of 2017: TEVA, UL, and VFC

On January 4, 2017, I bought 
  • 100 shares of TEVA at $38.00 per share for a total of $3,807.
  • 24.56 shares of UL at $40.71 per share for a total of $1000.
  • 4.85 shares of VFC at $53.38 per share for a total of $250. 
This gives me 100 shares of TEVA, 208 shares of UL, and 94 shares of VFC. I really want to get 6 more shares of VFC and 92 more shares of UL. 

  • UL and VFC are trading at fair value. TEVA is trading at a huge discount or huge overvaluation depending on who you ask. I'm saying TEVA is trading at a discount. 
  • UL fell because of the strong dollar. Once the dollar weakens UL will skyrockets. I saw this last year when UL crashed below $40. 
  • It doesn't matter if it's obamacare or trumpcare or some sort of healthcare plan. TEVA generics will be leading the pack to cheaper healthcare cost. It's always good to be the biggest. Speaking of something big, TEVA has two huge drugs coming out soon  
    • Generic Viagra coming at the end of 2017.
    • Generic Epi-pen currently being studied by the FDA.
  • I should have bought CAH, but I hesitated. Even with all my research I didn't pull the trigger. Now it's skyrocketing. AMGN was the same. TEVA is something else I had an inking on. It has high debt, but makes so much money it can easily meet its obligations. I expect dividend growth to be stale for a while. This is a high dividend/deep value kind of stock.
Portfolio updated. Forward dividends stand at $1,859.15. Portfolio updated. My next buy is probably going to be GPK. I really like this stock. Good fundamental, but debt is a problem. Decisions decisions. Should I borrow on my savings now or wait for my paycheck next week.

Long: TEVA, VFC, UL, and soon GPK.  Disclaimer: trust no one on the internet