Wednesday, January 4, 2017

First buy of 2017: TEVA, UL, and VFC

On January 4, 2017, I bought 
  • 100 shares of TEVA at $38.00 per share for a total of $3,807.
  • 24.56 shares of UL at $40.71 per share for a total of $1000.
  • 4.85 shares of VFC at $53.38 per share for a total of $250. 
This gives me 100 shares of TEVA, 208 shares of UL, and 94 shares of VFC. I really want to get 6 more shares of VFC and 92 more shares of UL. 

  • UL and VFC are trading at fair value. TEVA is trading at a huge discount or huge overvaluation depending on who you ask. I'm saying TEVA is trading at a discount. 
  • UL fell because of the strong dollar. Once the dollar weakens UL will skyrockets. I saw this last year when UL crashed below $40. 
  • It doesn't matter if it's obamacare or trumpcare or some sort of healthcare plan. TEVA generics will be leading the pack to cheaper healthcare cost. It's always good to be the biggest. Speaking of something big, TEVA has two huge drugs coming out soon  
    • Generic Viagra coming at the end of 2017.
    • Generic Epi-pen currently being studied by the FDA.
  • I should have bought CAH, but I hesitated. Even with all my research I didn't pull the trigger. Now it's skyrocketing. AMGN was the same. TEVA is something else I had an inking on. It has high debt, but makes so much money it can easily meet its obligations. I expect dividend growth to be stale for a while. This is a high dividend/deep value kind of stock.
Portfolio updated. Forward dividends stand at $1,859.15. Portfolio updated. My next buy is probably going to be GPK. I really like this stock. Good fundamental, but debt is a problem. Decisions decisions. Should I borrow on my savings now or wait for my paycheck next week.

Long: TEVA, VFC, UL, and soon GPK.  Disclaimer: trust no one on the internet


  1. Great buys to start the year,i am thinking of buying VFC soon.

  2. DD, Macy and kohls just got destroyed. Hopefully you might just get your chance! I might just double down on this champ