Friday, April 21, 2017

Moving from Loyal3 to Merrill Edge

As many readers will know Loyal3 is sadly abandoning the game and charging everyone a $5 monthly fee for using them. So on April 21, 2017, I'm transferring all of my Loyal3 account to Merrill Edge.

Why Merrill Edge? I spoke with a representative today over the free trades and transferring of accounts.

"You may also qualify for 30 $0 online stock and ETF traders per month if you have $25,000 or more in combined balances in your Bank of America deposit accounts or $25,000 or more in combined cash balances in your Merrill Edge self-directed Merrill Edge online brokerage accounts and/or IRA accounts through 09/30/17."

As my Loyal3 account is $36,000, I automatically qualify for free trades. Also Merrill Edge is willing to pay for all transfer cost if I also bring my Scottrade and Motif account. After combining all three I'll have over $100,000 which qualifies me for 100 free trades a month. Here were some of my questions

  • Does ME allow for partial shares?
    • yes
  • Does ME allow for drip?
    • yes
  • Is there a limit on the minimum dollar contribution per trade?
    • no
  • Will you pay my transfer fee?
    • We have to talk to HQ but ME have done so in the past
  • Is there any promotion for transferring?
    • $250 bonus for transferring in $100,000
  • What do you mean not FDIC insured?
    • Means not FDIC insured but SIPC insured up to $500,000 in equity and $250,000 in cash 
  • So if I hit 500k does that mean everything above will not be insured?
    • Yes. But our brokerage normally adds an extra layer of insurance for our higher invested clientele 
In summary, I'm thinking of switching all my accounts to ME and getting 100 free trades a month. This is free for all stock and ETF. No margins, no penny stocks, and mutual funds have their ordinary fees. This is not a recommendation of ME but just how I'm dealing with Loyal3 shutting down.

Disclaimer: trust no one

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recent Buy: Cardinal Health, INC

On April 18, 2017, I bought 22.16 shares of Cardinal Health, Inc. (CAH) at $72.50/share for a total of 1606.60. Current yield is at 2.5%. 

Did I get the best deal? Probably not. Should I have waited for it to go lower? probably. Am I an idiot for buying to early? Always. Will I buy more if it goes down? Definitely.

Forward dividends stand at $3,720.77.  

Disclaimer: Trust no one!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Recent Buy: GIS and HRL

On April 17, 2017, I bought 22.30 shares of General Mills at $57.45 for a total of $1,286.09 and 37.41 shares of Hormel Foods at $34.25 for a total of $1286.24.

Forward dividend stands at $3,669.53. 

Disclaimer: Trust no one

Monday, April 10, 2017

Recent Buy: CVS

On April 10, 2017, I bought 25.94 shares of CVS at $77.08 for a total of $1999.46.  It's currently at a discount per M*, S&P, and people on SA. Ferdis and Dividend Diplomats.

This pushes my forward dividends to $3,547.44.

I still have my auto Motif and Loyal3 buys at the end of the week and been dripping AQN in my scottrade and just initiated my Employee Stock Purchase Plan from Walmart. It's going to be an interesting year. $4,000 forward dividends and 300k total wealth by the end of the year? Maybe Mr. Market will give us a i CVP all those deli items at walmart. 😜

BTW If you're looking for a cheap lunch go to Walmart on Sunday Morning. There should be a few discounted large box salads on sale for $1.99. There's nothing wrong with them, but WMT's policy is we must sell them within X amount of hours after we open the "mother bag." And for every discounted salad you buy we make 30 cents. Great for a cheap monday lunch.

Disclaimer: trust no one online.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

March Review: Onward and Upwards



Cash Flow

Cash $44,601.69
Scottrade Roth$2,077.34
Edward Jones$12,738.39
Total Portfolio$206,164.63
Full+partime job$4,998.72
Side hustle$436.35
Total Cash Flow$5,733.63
Electricity Bill$128.51
Water Bill$118.90
Gas Bill$73.76
Car Bill$435.45
Misc. Spending $696.02
Total Liability$1,452.64
Total Cash Flow$5,733.63
Total Liability$1,452.64
percent saved74.66%

April Plans

  1. Continue buying GIS and HRL near 52-weeks low.
  2. Buy VFC is it hits $52 or below again
  3. Try and add more to KO.
  4. Portfolio updated
  5. Do more research on BGS.
  6. Forward dividends stand at $3,468.87. I updated my goals page. $4,000 or bust!

See you next month.

*Disclaimer: trust no one on the internet.