Monday, April 10, 2017

Recent Buy: CVS

On April 10, 2017, I bought 25.94 shares of CVS at $77.08 for a total of $1999.46.  It's currently at a discount per M*, S&P, and people on SA. Ferdis and Dividend Diplomats.

This pushes my forward dividends to $3,547.44.

I still have my auto Motif and Loyal3 buys at the end of the week and been dripping AQN in my scottrade and just initiated my Employee Stock Purchase Plan from Walmart. It's going to be an interesting year. $4,000 forward dividends and 300k total wealth by the end of the year? Maybe Mr. Market will give us a i CVP all those deli items at walmart. 😜

BTW If you're looking for a cheap lunch go to Walmart on Sunday Morning. There should be a few discounted large box salads on sale for $1.99. There's nothing wrong with them, but WMT's policy is we must sell them within X amount of hours after we open the "mother bag." And for every discounted salad you buy we make 30 cents. Great for a cheap monday lunch.

Disclaimer: trust no one online.


  1. Broke Investor -

    LOVE the purchase and nice price point too! You grabbed it 77 cents below me, thank you very much for the mention by the way!