Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Recent Buys: T and GIS

On May 22, 2017, I bought

  • 15 shares of General Mills (GIS) at $56.69 per share for a total of $850.31.
  • This equates to 100 shares of GIS.

On May 24, 2017, I bought
  • 50 shares of AT&T (T) at $38.31 per share for a total of $1,915.50.
  • This equate to 200 shares of T.

Forward dividends stands at $4,230.70.  I still have another $831.00 to spend but I might hold it until next month.  Back to the grind.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Recent Buy: O, T, GIS, and WMT

On Friday, May 19, 2017, I bought the following

  • 10 shares of O at $53.83 per share 
  • 24 shares of T at $38.04 per share
  • 5 shares of GIS at $55.85 per share
  • 4.193 shares of WMT at $75.4352 per share (WMT contributed $41.25)
Forward Dividend stands at $4,103.90.  My Motif transfer finally came through and after selling all my partial shares I came out with $1500 left over. Expect more buys next week.

Have a good weekend ya'll. Hopefully we'll have another "anonymous source" and drop another 400 points. At this rate I might become their anonymous source

Monday, May 15, 2017

Recent Buy: Tyson Foods and General Mills

(Stacking Tyson Boxes for Mother's Day weekend)

On May 15, 2017, I bought 20 shares of Tyson Foods (TSN) at $58.24 per share and 10 shares of General Mills (GIS) at 56.36 per share for a total of $1,728.38. 

  • Tyson Foods
    • Rough Quarter
      • Transitioning to a new team focused on protein products.
      • Earnings miss from 2 fires at their plants
      • Alleged Collusion with Georgia Docks
      • Bird Flu at one of their farms
      • Snow Storm killing a large part of their beef
    • Quantitative Rationale: 
      • Trading at a Discount
      • 12x PE
      • 1.55% dividend (which is one of it's highest ever)
      • 18% Payout Ratio.
    • Qualitative Rationale:
      • TSN recently bought out Hillshire Brand who owns
        • Jimmy Dean
        • Ball Park
        • Hillshire Farms
        • and much much mother
      • Combined with the fact that I am basically stocking TSN brands all day I might as well own them 
      • Vertical Integration
        • I own the farms
        • I own the grain producer
        • I own the meat company
        • and I own the retailer 
    • Risk
      • Sensitive to gas and grain prices
      • Not sure how the new China deal will affect the US meat producers
      • Low margins. Beef is 5%, pork is 6%, and chicken is 9%. 
      • Just bought out Advance Pierre. Not sure how smoothly this transition is.
  • GIS
    • Because it's still in the buy range.

Forward Dividend: $4037.86 or an increase of $37. Onward to $4,500!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Recent Sell: FCISX; Recent Buy: VTR, HCN, LTC, STOR, GIS, HRL

I have no idea why, but I really like this ginger picture.

On May 8-9, I made the following trades

Roth IRA

  • Sell
    • 5,455 shares of FCISX (mutual fund) for a total of $12,799.07 in my Roth IRA.
      • This was an old account I had with Edward Jones that under-performed the market and paid less than a reit that also cost 1% management fee a year. I learned my lesson.
  • Buy
    • 101 shares of Ventas (VTR) at $63.45 for a total of $6,415.40.
      • Rationale: Strong future growth that is dropping because of the SNF and interest rate fear. Pays near 5% and has a huge pipeline.
      • Biggest risk is govt healthcare change+CEO leaving the company. She's basically the Steve Jobs of the Healthcare Reit.
    • 92 shares of Welltower (HCN) at $69.72 for a total of $6,412.19.
      • Currently selling off Genesis, a large SNF, and using the funds for acquisitions and paying down debt.
      • 2017 is basically a dead year after AFFO drops from selling SNF, but taking the right position to deleverage for future safer growth.
      • Pays near 5%. 
Taxable Account
  • Sell
    • None
  • Buy:
    • 8 shares of Hormel at $34.51 for a total of $276.04.
      • Rationale: Still in the sweet zone.
    • 5 shares of General Mills at $57.54 for a total of $287.68.
      • Rationale: Dropping and I'm buying.
    • 10 shares of LTC properties at $46.62 for a total of $466.20.
      • Rationale: Near 5% and near what I bought it the last time.
    • 72 shares of Store Capital at $21.00 for a total of $1,512.00
      • Rationale: 
        • NNN lease like O
        • Best Landlord in the secondary market
        • From 2013 to 2016, AFFO grew by 30% (O was only 21%)
        • Trading at 12x AFFO
        • Lowest payout ratio (67%); O is 84.1%
        • Pays 5.5%
      • Why is it crashing?
        • the Death of Retail is here even though the top 10 tenant only makes up 18% of STOR's revenue 
        • Gander Mountain declared bankruptcy. It makes up 2% of STOR's revenue and promised to pay even though they were about to go into Bankruptcy. 
        • Gander Mountain was bought out by "the Profit" from CNBC and there is hint that 70 stores will remain open.
        • Should be noted STOR's revenue is made up of 15% retail and the majority are small 1-2 stores, not  Spirit Capital with 8% coming from one retailer. 70% comes from services like arenas.
      • Guidance:
        • 5.5% yield
        • 2.5% organic growth
        • 2.5% lease escalator 
          • combined a total return for 2017 of 10.5%, but Mr. Market don't care 
    • 3 shares of Walmart in my computershare 
      • Rationale: Why not it's 15% cap gains with a 3% dividend.
Total combined fee trading: $0.00. Forward dividends=$4,000.66.  New Goal, increase Dividends to $4,500 by the end of the year.

Loaded another $3,000, but will probably wait for O to reach 5%. No point in working over 70 hours/7 days a week if you ain't going to use it. 

Disclaimer: Long Everything except FCISX. Portfolio updated. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Small Recent Buys: GIS, T, and O

From April 3-4, 2017, I bought

  • 10 shares of GIS at $56.20 for a total of $562.00
  • 26 shares of T at $38.38 for a total of 997.88
  • 12 shares of O at $55.00 for a total of $660.00
Total: $2219.88. And added DRIP on all positions.

Forward income: $3827.78. 

I just reloaded with another $2500. Potential buys are VTR, HCN, and O. Would like to get O at 53 or 50 if possible. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

April Review



Cash Flow

Cash $40,500.75
Scottrade Roth$2,026.96
Edward Jones$12,969.76
Total Portfolio$213,987.84
Month over Month$7,823.21
Full+partime job$5,089.24
Side hustle$226.17
Total Cash Flow$5,645.30
Electricity Bill$116.65
Water Bill$118.90
Gas Bill$70.74
Car Bill$435.45
Misc. Spending $822.54
Total Liability$1,564.28
Total Cash Flow$5,613.05
Total Liability$1,564.28
percent saved72.13%

  • May Goals
    • Potential Buys List:
      • Loading up on defense 
        • GIS, HRL, JNJ
      • Loading up on high yielders 
        • SO, VTR, T, HCN
      • Loading up on contrarians 
        • ADM, CVS, CAH, FLO 
    • To do List
      • Sell off FCISX mutual fund and replace it with an equal yielding stock or stocks (thinking HCN and VTR)
      • Transfer Loyal3 and Motif into Merrill Edge
        • seriously is anyone else having this issue?
      • Turn on Drip for all accounts. Setting it and forget it.
    • Forward Dividends
      • $3,725.42 (subjected to change once ME gets my accounts and sell off partial shares)

That's all I have. Long all but HCN (because I don't have them). See you next month