Thursday, May 4, 2017

Small Recent Buys: GIS, T, and O

From April 3-4, 2017, I bought

  • 10 shares of GIS at $56.20 for a total of $562.00
  • 26 shares of T at $38.38 for a total of 997.88
  • 12 shares of O at $55.00 for a total of $660.00
Total: $2219.88. And added DRIP on all positions.

Forward income: $3827.78. 

I just reloaded with another $2500. Potential buys are VTR, HCN, and O. Would like to get O at 53 or 50 if possible. 


  1. Like that GIS pick up. Seems like many of us are buying that name as it continues to slide. Nice work deploying your cash.

    1. hey keith, thanks for the support. I'm looking at your buys too. Once I finish building my core I might steal some of your ideas. thanks for visiting

  2. GIS is a favorite of mine and one of my first four dividend growth stocks that has anchored my portfolio for years. I remember when you used to be able to buy the Halloween cereals year-round.

    1. i know DM. those were the good old days. kids these days don't know what life was like before the internet