Friday, June 23, 2017

Recent Buy: General Mills (GIS)

On June 23, 2017, I bought 17 shares of General Mills at $54.90 per share for a total of $950.30.  I'm currently eyeing SJM and SO has been on a free fall. Much much to buy. Forward dividend stands at $4,446.78. Let's reach my 2017 goal of $4,500.00 before July!


  1. Nice pick up. I like GIS a lot and have been adding to that name as well in recent months. Buy on weakness. I'm also liking SO too. For now, I'm initiating new positions to "even" out my passive income among my holdings. GIS and SO are already getting to be larger portions of my portfolio. If they continue to slide I'll be adding though.

  2. BDI -

    Dang! That's an awesome price point, congratulations, that's all I have to say!!


  3. Great buy, we also like GIS at current prices. We have GIS on our short list and may just pull the trigger soon as well.

    Also, well done with your forward dividends! You are most certainly going to surpass your goal. The only questions is by how much. ;)

    Best wishes and continued success BDI.

  4. Good purchase, I'm curious how earning next week will effect the stock. I would also like to add to my SO position here as well.

  5. thanks for the tips and information Microleaves.I really appreciate it..