Monday, December 4, 2017

November Review: Welcome to the 300k club

Lucky Chicken

Recent Buy

On December 4, 2017, I bought 3 shares of Molson Coors Brewing (TAP) at $80.00 for a total of $240.00. Why? Because after a hard day of work all you really want is a nice cold one (and it's greatly discounted compared to the rest of the alcohol sector). From CAD to US dollar that's about $0.41 per quarter and around 2%, but this was more of a cap gains play.

November Review 

Dividends Received


Cash Flow

Merill Edge$151,571.03
Merill Edge Roth$15,344.42
Total Portfolio$305,227.85
Full+partime job$6,070.11
Side hustle$53.52
Total Cash Flow$6,606.14
Utilities $301.07
Car Bill$435.45
Misc. Spending $564.94
2 Car Insurance$984.00
Total Liability$1,984.39
Total Cash Flow$6,606.14
Total Liability$1,984.39
percent saved69.96%

  1. Just as I predicted the dip from the Whole Foods fiasco was overblown and the food industry roared back taking my portfolio with it and pushing me over 300K. 
  2. Good news is I'm over 300K. Bad news is many food companies are now back into overvalued territory.
  3. I'm moving my goal from 300K total assets to 315K total assets by December 31, 2017. 

What to buy in December
  1. Healthcare Reits - The baby boom health crisis is supposed to be coming in 4-5 years. At the same time interest rates are expected to rise causing fear in the eReit sector. A headwind vs a tailwind creates a buying opportunity.
    • LTC 
    • VTR 
    • HCN
  2. Whatever is on sale - a buddy of mine always say you can't predict what the Lord will give you. The same with the stock market. Let it ride and something will come your way. According to the Market the current buys are:
    • CVS
    • CAH
Some food for thought. According to ABCnews

"When it comes to individual income taxes, the Senate measure also makes broad cuts across income levels. However, most of the individual income tax provisions will sunset after 2025 unless Congress acts. The bill also includes a change to inflation adjustments that would raise taxes slightly compared to what they would have been under current law.

By 2027, every income group under $75,000 is expected to see tax increases according to the Joint Committee on Taxation."

Basically if passed everyone will get a tax break from 2018 til 2025 when it expires and then we revert back to the current tax levels in 2027. Why is this good news? More cash for the consumer from 2018-2025. It might not be much, but a paycheck day (every other Saturdays) is equivalent to wiping out all the inventory of a Walmart. Now Imagine if we gave those people even more money. Not trying to be political, but it's good to plan ahead instead of lag behind. If people are smart they would use that extra cash to pay down their debt...but both you and I know that it won't happen. 

Forward dividend is at $5,660.62. Portfolio updated.

Good job to all my fellow bloggers on their November income. Onward and Upward! As an aside the only way for this market to crash is when we heighten GDP growth expectation and the economy is unable to perform. When that will be is unknown. Every market ends in failed expectations. I've been seeing a lot of doom and gloom articles recently, but none mentioned that all of the previous crashes were caused by people expecting too much and getting too little. As of right now the central feds only expect 2% annual growth. When expectations are 4-5% annual growth that is when I expect the market to crash.


  1. Solid November results. Nice to see we have quite a few common names paying us last month. The food staples have come back nicely from their recent lows. GIS and HRL are two that come to mind. Of course, when everyone was crapping all over those two stocks was the best time to buy. Keep investing and building up that passive income stream.

    1. hi Keith, I love when the market gives us great opportunities over stupid reactions. I hope utes are next year's dogs

  2. T payout is nice , 500 for this month is killing it.we have T,CVS,PG in common .

    1. hey desi, I bought T when I first started investing so it's one of my biggest contributor. But looking at SeekingAlpha it looks like the norm is to own 1000 shares or something

  3. BDI -

    Congratulations on $300K I agree with your undervalued stocks, especially CVS after the news pushed prices lower!


    1. Hi Lanny, I'm loving that CVS move. it shook Amazon and the entire healthcare sector by storm