Friday, January 12, 2018

Recent Buy: Dominion Energy

Eyes on the Prize

On January 12, 2018, I bought 13 shares of Dominion Energy at $75.78 per share for a total of $985.24.  UTEs, consumer goods, and reits continue to fall and I continue to follow them. While the market is breaking records my portfolio been getting beaten down, but that's fine by me.

Some stocks I'm looking at are WEC, VTR, HCN, and more D. Forward dividend stands at $5980.36.


  1. BD -

    Can't keep up - keep on stacking shares, you got this, love Dominion! Check out WTR and ED.


  2. Great pickup with D! REITs and Utilities are getting hammered right now, but when reality comes back to the stock market, people will start coming back to these dependable sectors.


  3. Loving the utility move right here! Closing in on $6,000 too. Great stuff!!


  4. D is still looking good. Nice pick up and another potential pick PPL. Keep on buying!!!

  5. I think Dominion is a great buy! Wish I could buy some more at the current levels!

    I just started my own blog about dividend growth investing and my path to financial freedom.

    If you have a second check it out and let me know what you think!